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Control Panel Board
We offer a wide range of Control Panel Board that are used for PLC, AMF, synchronizing and variable frequency drives controlling units. They are available in various different sizes and are provided with a series of equipments for safe and efficient working of the installed devices.
PCC Panel
The PCC panels we deal in are suited for diverse industrial applications. These are used to supervise as well as control the voltage. These are suited for controlling the reactive power of the power system. These are shock proof and dust free panels. 
PLC Control Panel
PLC control panels are the small industrial computers, featured with modular components. These have been designed to automate the modified control processes. The said panels are applicable for industrial plants so as to control the pumps, lights, fans, motors, circuit breakers etc. 
MCC Panel
The MCC panels are also known as the motor control center. These have feeders for blowers and motors. The said panels allow for smooth motor operation. 
Industrial LT Panel
The Industrial LT Panels are functional as the low tension cables, which can attain power from the generator as well as transformer. Their utilization contribute to the distribution of electricity to many electrical devices.
AMF Panel
The AMF Panels we deal in can be installed as the essential parts of automatic generator installation. These can perform several operational functions. The said panels can automatically signal the generator and assist them to support as well as start the load.
APFC Panel
The APFC Panels are mainly suited for the improvement of Power Factor. These are the key factors, used for measuring the electrical consumption. The panels are included with microcontroller based programmable controller. 
VFD Control Panel
The VFD control panel has been designed to control the speed of feed pump as well as electric motor. The said panel is suited for pumping, drilling and other large machine applications.
Distribution Panel
The Distribution Panels are the main electrical supply systems, which are suited for the commercial as well as residential entity. The utilization of the supplied panels is appreciable in many grounds. 
Instrument Panel
Instrument panel we deal in has been made to work with various displays as well as indicators. It enables the driver to safety operate the vehicle. This is included with various indicators and can deal with the system malfunctions as well as warnings.
Bus Duct
The Bus ducts we deal in are suited for the purpose of conducting the considerable current of electricity. These are the alternative solutions of conducting electricity to cable bus as well as power cables.
The RTPFC panel is the integration of CRCA powder coated. This is proffered with a self-healing MPP capacitor as well as reactor. The panel allows for advanced IP protection.
Soft Starter Control Panel
The Soft Starter Control Panel has been designed to control the deceleration and acceleration motors. This is needed to operate the motors with a reduced power load. It is highly applicable for the industrial as well as commercial applications. 

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